SIDNEY -- Participants in the Eucharistic Pilgrimage departed Sidney June 13 on their way east.

Chas Firestone East is one of the participants in the pilgrimage.

"What we're doing is we have four routes crossing the United States forming a cross at Indianapolis. We're carrying the Eucharist, which is the body of Jesus Christ, on a tabernacle in our van.  On the way to Indianapolis, we're making several stops," Firestone East said.

He said the pilgrimage makes several stops as it makes its way east across the western United States. The western group started in San Francisco, Calif., and made its way to Sterling, Colo., before entering Nebraska at Kimball and moving east to Sidney Thursday morning. Firestone East said there are a lot of variables and a lot of consistency in the pilgrimage.

”Every day is pretty different. We have a schedule we try to follow as best as possible. Some things get in the way, like weather. But, it’s been a great time,” Firestone said.

He said the journey is a time of prayer and spiritual revival.

They stopped at Colton on their way to Ogallala.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage is a two-month journey organized in conjunction with a three-year-long Eucharistic revival campaign by the U.S. Catholic bishops. The national pilgrimage consists of four different routes beginning at opposite sides of the country and meeting for the National Eucharistic Congress July 17-21. Altogether, the four National Eucharistic Pilgrimage routes will cover about 6,500 miles, 27 states and 65 diocese.