KIMBALL -- Today was the first day of Track Camp for elementary and junior high students. 

The 2-day event is organized by the Kimball Jr./Sr. High Track staff and is open to 4th – 8th graders.  

The Track & Field events that the kids participate in for the camp are Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, and Discus. 

The kids began the day with a running warmup and hurdles. Then they split into three groups to rotate through the different events. 

They will play each event both days. 

High School Track Head Coach Tiffany Johnson said the camp is to give kids exposure to Track prior to entering Junior High so they have an idea of what they enjoy and may excel at or what they wouldn't quite like. 

“We want to give them exposure to what the events are and how they work so that when they get to junior high, they will have a better understanding,” Johnson said. 

This is the second year of Track Camp. There will also be volleyball/basketball, wrestling and football camps organized by the respective coaches.