PIERCE, Neb. -- It is one of the most technical field events high schoolers compete in and throwers are always looking to improve.

“This is kind of a 'throws Mecca' for the state of Nebraska so they’re able to put on a huge camp every single year," Olympian Payton Otterdahl said.

Over 100 high schoolers from across the state learned from some of the best in the world.

Otterdahl is an Olympian thrower who’s thrown at the biggest stages…from NCAA titles to Tokyo in the Olympics.

“If you want to get really far in this sport, you got to throw year round and train year round for it," Otterdahl said. "Even if that’s just every other week or something…one session just to keep that going.”

Aside from the physical and mental aspect of throwing, Otterdahl has forged bonds with many throwers across the world, such as Nick Ponzio.

“It’s been a really good thing, not only for them, but for us too to give back," Ponzio said.

A fellow Olympian for Italy, Ponzio has been friends with Otterdahl since 2018.

While offering tips on how to improve throws and better technique, he gets different questions from high schoolers.

“A lot of people ask me stuff like, ‘What’s your mentality before a meet?,’ or ‘What are you doing when you have a lot of stuff going on in your personal life?'" Ponzio said.

Alongside the two Olympic athletes, coaches from colleges across the state helped with the camp.

This is the 18th camp put on at Pierce High School.