VALENTINE, Neb. -- Five girls, one small couch, and lots of laughs -- that's what you'll see at Valentine Public Library’s new summer book club, named, "Shhh...we're reading."

“If there are other people reading the same book with you, it’s more fun,” book club member Aniyah Bailey said.

“'Cause then you can talk to them about weird things in the book,” book club member Charlotte Coleman said.

The club, which is made up of students in 4th through 7th grades, will read a new book every four weeks. Then they'll meet, and discuss it together.

“And I plan on doing lots of activities and a snack that will go along with the book,” Assistant Library Director Nichole Garwood said.

Garwood authored the idea of the club, hoping to get more kids to dive into books this summer.

“It’s very important for kids to read over the summer,” Garwood said. "A lot of what they retain during the school year is lost due to Summer Brain Drain."

In fact, research published in American Educational Research Journal found that children can lose up to 40% of the gains they made over the school year while on summer break.

“Reading is critical to a child’s ability to retain information, as well as grow in knowledge and critical thinking skills,” Garwood said.

In addition to reading, here are some other tips to prevent Summer Brain Drain: Encourage your child to journal, maybe buy a math workbook, and just make fun family activities, like cooking or gardening, a learning activity.