SPRINGVIEW, Neb. -- The Sandhills are known for world-class golf courses, but in north-central Nebraska you’ll also find another unique type of golfing experience—a sand green course.

“It’s such a unique thing that I don’t want to see it go away,” Springview Golf Course President Jess Swan said.

The course opened in Springview in 1960. The town is around 45 miles east of Valentine and has a population of 240.

“I’m the only charter member left,” Rod Gierau said.

88-year-old Gierau helped the course tee off.

“We got a beer license, and we got important,” Gierau said.

All jokes aside, this small town course has aced big national attention, including in GolfWeek.

“That was the talk of the town. We thought we were kind of important at the time,” Gierau said.

A couple of other things that are unique about the course include its run on an honor system, so you just come and pay yourself as you play. Also, the clubhouse used to be the town’s cafe.

“We’ve had people from several different places in the world come because they’ll leave a note in the box saying where they’re from,” Springview Golf Course Board of Director Andrew Steinhauser said.

Those visitors also have to learn how to clean up after themselves, including raking the greens.

“There are a lot of people who don’t like that, but I grew up on it, so I’m used to it,” Swan said.

Swan has also gotten used to a little bit different technique.

“You have to focus on hitting everything straight. On grass green courses when you putt, there’s a lot of break to your ball, and there’s not here,” Swan said.

A technique that Gierau will have to get up to par this summer.

“Our first tournament was in 1962. We’ve had an open tournament ever since. I’m the only one who is a member here that’s been to every one. It will be a struggle this year, but I’m not going to quit,” Gierau said.