HYANNIS, Neb. -- John Wayne starring in True Grit — many of you are familiar with the movie and its lead actor, but did you know that memorabilia from the film is in northwestern Nebraska in the tiny town of Hyannis?

“That's because John Wayne’s stuntman grew up north of Hyannis,” said Ellen White Grant County Historical Society and Museum curator.

Chuck Hayward doubled for not only John Wayne, but many of the great Western stars of the 1950s to 80s.

“We’ve watched a lot of the movies just because his name is always in the credits,” White said.

This is just one small part of the big history of Grant County, which will soon be recognized with a roadside marker from History Nebraska.

“Some of the largest ranching operations in the United States were formed in the area. In the early 20th century, Grant County became the largest shipping point of free range cattle in the world,” said Clay Bixby Grant County Historical Society and Museum president.

In fact, in the 1930s the Omaha World Herald designated Hyannis as the richest town not only in Nebraska, but the nation.

“Mid 50s Grant County also had more aircraft owners per capita than any county in the United States due to ranchers using aircraft,” Bixby said.

Another interesting fact--a man known as the world’s greatest marksman is also from Grant County. Captain A.H. Hardy was not only a world-famous sharpshooter, but also a pallbearer for Buffalo Bill Cody and taught others how to shoot, including the Los Angeles police force.

“History gets lost along the generations if you don’t preserve these things to show them to the younger people,” White said.

History that museum leaders hope will get more acclaim thanks to the new historical marker.

“Grant County’s history is significant not only to our community, but also to anyone who values the lessons history can tell you about the future,” Bixby said.