AINSWORTH, Neb. -- Severe storms on Thursday night have led to significant flooding and road closures in and around Ainsworth, Nebraska. Several roads are currently impassable, and at least one farmstead has sustained damage, according to Brown County Emergency Manager Traci Booth.

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Booth noted that while they are waiting for confirmation from the National Weather Service, preliminary reports suggest a tornado may have caused the damage south of Ainsworth.

"It's not official yet that a tornado caused the damage, but the farmstead did suffer damage to a barn and outbuildings. A trailer was also moved around 50 yards," Booth said.

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Several roads have been affected by the flooding:

  • Portions of 435th and 434th Avenues are closed south of Highway 20.
  • Road 872 is closed south of Long Pine.
  • Richardson Road is also closed, posing a problem as it serves as the detour route for the Long Pine Bridge on Highway 20, which is currently out of service.
  • 442nd Avenue south of Bassett is closed.
  • Eagles Nest Avenue, also known as Twin Lakes Road, is closed.
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Additionally, water is running over South Street near Bone Creek, which is being used as a detour for Ainsworth’s Main Street due to construction.