LONG PINE, Neb. -- Communities in north-central Nebraska are cleaning up after heavy rains Thursday night and early Friday morning caused severe flooding. 

Hidden Paradise, located just outside of Long Pine, Nebraska, is one of the areas impacted.

“It’s a collection of a lot of family-owned cabins that have been in their families for generations,” Brown and Rock County Deputy Emergency Manager Jessica Pozehl said.

Cabin owners are cleaning up after around seven inches of rain in one night caused flooding—leaving water in cabins, roads washed out, and a walk bridge damaged.

“This walk bridge was replaced after the 2019 flood, and a bunch of the people down here got together to pay for it and have it installed. As you can see, the flooding from this weekend has come up here and compromised the integrity of the entire bridge,” Pozehl said.

In addition to Hidden Paradise, several roads are closed throughout the area. Due to recent warm weather, flooding has subsided substantially. Still, the water has left a trail of destruction.

“It’s just the cost to the taxpayers and to the county for the materials that will be used. As of 2023, we were finishing up the 2019 flood, so a lot of the stuff that was new then we’re looking at fixing...again,” Brown and Rock County Emergency Manager Traci Booth said.

Booth estimates that each county suffered $25,000 to $30,000 in damage.

“We do have a smaller population; but that population feels a much greater impact because it’s not just their personal life, it’s also their way of living and their business,” Booth said.

In addition to flooding, the National Weather Service has confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in the area, causing damage to a farmstead and pastures.

“We’re very lucky in this area to have a great network of rural fire departments. These guys train every year on storm spotters. The National Weather Service comes up and holds trainings for the volunteer fire departments,” Booth said.

One of those volunteers, Logan Leonard, captured video of the recent tornado. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Meanwhile, back at Hidden Paradise it may not be picture-perfect, but Pozehl is confident this slice of heaven will soon regain its charm.

“As soon as something comes through, you know, neighbors help neighbors kind of thing. They just want to be able to have their place and get it back to normal as soon as they can,” Pozehl said.