VALENTINE, Neb. - Valentine Police are urging the public to follow firework safety guidelines after discarded fireworks caused a dumpster fire. In a Facebook post, police wrote, “It was appreciated that you ‘kinda’ cleaned up your fireworks debris but putting it in the cardboard recycling box probably wasn’t your most intelligent idea.”

Police stressed the importance of responsible firework cleanup, adding a crucial reminder: “Don’t burn the town down.”

News Channel Nebraska has previously reported on safety tips for disposing of fireworks. Norfolk Fire Marshal Sean Lindgren warned that seemingly inactive fireworks can pose a fire risk.

"A lot of the products have a lot of cardboard and paper that are part of the firework and sometimes the inside of that can still be burning when it doesn't really look like it," Lindgren said. 

Lindgren recommended submerging used fireworks in water for at least 24 hours before disposing of them in a regular trash bin.

If a firework does catch fire or reignites, Lindgren urged citizens to contact authorities before engaging and to remember to keep all activities under adult supervision.