THEDFORD, Neb. - The Thedford Public School District’s request to make a one time increase to its property tax authority by $1 million dollars has failed. In a special election Tuesday, 141 people voted for the request, while 122 people voted against. However, 60% of the ballots needed to be in favor of the increase for it to pass. More than 400 ballots were sent out, but only 263 were returned.

Because the $1 million increase exceeds the amount allowed under state law, it had to be approved by voters. The superintendent said that the district has already cut costs by not filling three teaching positions and one non-teaching position for the upcoming school year. 

The district reduced its tax request over the last five years, but the school said that because of COVID, economic uncertainties and cattle prices, expenditures have been higher than revenue the past three years.

In a Facebook post after the results, Thedford Public Schools announced that there will not be any changes to the 2024-25 staff. The school will begin discussions about the next steps over the next few months.

The results for the election are unofficial because voters who failed to provide proper identification have until July 16.